Welcome to Our New Personal Trainer

The team at SMART Training would like to give a big welcome to Ken Orme-Lynch. Ken joins our little team from Endeavour Gym and has already made a huge impact on our facility over the last few weeks. Most of you have already met Ken but for those of you that haven’t, we sat down with him to find out a little bit more about the man with the biceps. We asked him a few questions about his passion for fitness and training and found out how he keeps on top of his nutrition and stays healthy.

What made you decide to become a Personal Trainer?

I decided to become a personal trainer when I began to train myself. I love to train – it’s my passion. I felt I gained a better connection with myself and how my body moved through training. I soon became very interested in the science of movement and was eager to learn more about the body, so I began my first fitness course. It started my journey in fitness and body building. I felt I had a good eye for movement and was able to relay that back to my clients, so they in turn understood their own bodies better. My love for training and my interest in the science behind it has grown and grown.

What is your proudest moment in sport & fitness?

My proudest moment in fitness is a tough one. Proud moments for me come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes a proud moment is seeing someone reach their target weight. Sometimes it’s seeing someone who may be initially nervous and apprehensive about training, grow and develop their skills. I would say my proudest moments are those when I help a client move correctly, when I see a client connect with muscles they didn’t know they had or when I see a client regain a movement patterns that was once lost to them. I love watching people’s confidence grow as they meet there goals whatever they may be.

What type of training do you yourself and how often do you train?

I Train 6 days a week and train for muscle mass specifically. My passion is Hypertrophy training or bodybuilding. I love that style of training so much because it’s so difficult to do. When trying to gain as much muscle as possible and decrease body fat it becomes extremely complicated and things like anabolic windows’ and nutrient timing’ come into play. I enjoy how simple and how complex it can be at the same time.

How do you keep on top of your nutrition and stay healthy?

Nutrient Timing for me is simple and very practical to follow. Nutrient timing simply means eating specific nutrients (such as protein or carbs), in specific amounts, at specific times (such as before, during or after exercise). Nutrient timing strategies are based on how the body handles different types of food at different times. I try to structure 80% of my carbohydrate intake either pre-workout, during my workout or immediately after my workout. The goal here is to allow my body to utilise it for repair and hormonal influences.

I’m also a huge fan of magnesium supplements. One of the many benefits attributed to magnesium is improved sleep- whether it be simply helping you stay asleep longer, fall asleep faster, or battle recurring bouts of insomnia. Studies show that magnesium supplements helps decrease cortisol, the ‘stress hormone’ that can keep you up at night. It also helps your muscles relax, to give you that calm sleepy feeling and help you unwind after a long day.