Online personal training plan for your own home

If your busy lifestyle means you can’t commit to scheduled classes, but you still want all the benefits of a personal training plan that’s tailor-made for you, then our online personal training service is the answer.

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We will talk to you via telephone or Skype for the same level of in-depth free consultation that those who come to our gym receive. You can expect to talk about:

  • Your current general level of health and fitness habits
  • The aims you want to achieve, and by when you want to achieve them
  • How much time per week you can commit to training
  • Whether or not you own exercise equipment (free weights/kettle bells/etc.)

We will then consider all your details and your goals in drawing up a personal training plan just for you, using free weights if you own them, or your own body weight if you don’t. There is no need to buy any new equipment if you do not wish to, and all the exercises can be done from the comfort of your own home.
We will also provide you with a wide range of nutrition advice, such as recipes, shopping lists, suggestions for alternative snacks and treats, and access to our private members Facebook page for much more advice and support about your weight loss diet and exercise ventures.

We will also stay in regular contact with you to monitor progress and provide any extra motivation you may need.

Online personal training – exercise at home the right way for you

Have you already tried training at home, following plans from magazines or websites, only to become frustrated at the lack of results?

Does a plan that says ‘Shift ten pounds in six weeks’ leave you only two or three pounds lighter? Maybe one that says ‘Lose two inches from your waist’ leaves you no smaller at all?

That’s because those plans are generic ones for a mass audience – and what might work for others won’t necessarily work for you.

But by allowing us to draw up your own unique online personal training plan, the chances of results are far greater. All you need to do is stick with it – and we’re here to help you do that too!

Benefits of our online personal training plan

  • Tailor-made individual plan – designed specifically to get results for you
  • Exercise when you want – fit your routines into your busy and ever-changing schedule
  • Personal support online – to provide motivation and review your progress so far
  • 30-day guarantee – if you feel you are not achieving results after 30 days, and we will refund any money paid in advance for future months*

To take the first step towards an online personal training plan with SMART Training Dublin, just fill in the contact form below. We’ll soon be in touch to get you working towards your health and fitness goals.

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