It’s the beginning of February and my New Year’s resolution to make 2016 the year of the sexier, stronger, slimmer me has conveniently fallen from the top of my mental to-do list only to be replaced with the compulsion to sample and rate every single type of cookie Dublin has to offer.

Don’t get me wrong, while Lidl’s large bakery cookies are incredibly delicious, I know that I want more from 2016 than a few extra pounds and a diagnosis of diabetes! I want to set a fitness goal and stick to it and not fall at the first take-away! I want to put on a pair ZARA jeans without having to move to the bathroom first, in order to avoid my husband catching a glimpse of the primal crotch thrusting dance I have to perform in order to get that button to close. I want to feel strong and fit and not soft and squashy.

So that leads me to the purpose of this post. What am I doing wrong? Why do my fitness resolutions die faster than the characters from Game of Thrones? Given that I have access to some of the best trainers in Ireland, dare I say the world, I set about to find out what their top tips were to help me stick to my fitness and nutrition goals. If like me your intentions contradict your actions when it comes to your fitness and diet resolutions, keep reading!!!


Jonny’s top Tip – Write ‘em down – Stick ‘em Up!

‘Write your goals and timelines down and then post it somewhere that you will see on a daily basis’ says Jonny. For more on how to create ‘SMART’ goals, check out my blog post on ‘Making SMART Goals‘. ‘Posting your goals and the timelines for those goals on your fridge, or as a reminder on your phone or in your google calendar is vital to strengthen that resolve and determination’ say the trainer.

Two Peas in a Pod

Pairing up with a buddy will help you two fold in hitting those fitness goals. Training with a friend or partner is definitely more fun and it means that you catch up over stretches and foam rolling rather than wine and Doritos. Having a training buddy also helps with the primary reason a third of all resolutions don’t see the end of January – Accountability!

On The Right Track

Keeping track of your progress is essential in creating accountability, but also to provide the encouragement you need to keep progressing. Making movements towards your goal, no matter how small, can give you an incredible feeling of accomplishment, which will help you drive forward. If your personal goal is to lose a certain percentage of body fat, you should be measured every 3 to 4 weeks by a trained professional. If your goal is lose body weight, weigh yourself once a week on the same scales. ‘Do not weight yourself every day’ say Jonny. ‘It’s counterproductive as no results happen overnight. If you find that your weighing yourself every day, chuck the weighing scales out and use the scales in your gym’.

Green Tea Breaks

Tell friends, family and work colleagues about your goal. Tell anyone who will listen that you are on a mission to change. Telling people about your goals means that couch napping is no longer an option! The prospect of having to hang your head in shame can be a wonderful motivator.

Kale it in a class!

Another major reason people struggle to reach their fitness resolutions is that they find their workout’s boring. If the idea of going to a gym and hoping on the treadmill seems to you as appealing as getting your car NCT’ed than you need to ditch the treadmill and find a more exciting alternative. A challenging and dynamic class is a great way to work out without it feeling like a chore. SMART Training offers lively, high intensity evening Group Metabolic Training (GMT) sessions of no more than eight clients that last approximately 45 minutes. The tailor made programmes employ Kettlebells, Rip60 Suspension Training, body weight exercises, medicine balls, slam balls, dumbbells and cardio exercises to ensure that there is never a dull moment.