The weather right now is wretched but I can eat Ice-cream in the middle of a storm! I used to believe that if you are going to eat Ice-cream it should be creamy, decadent and calorie laden! I would save the calories for special occasions and then cherish every mouthful. The low fat alternatives or frozen yogurt never measure up to the real deal! That was all until I tried the new Alpro Ice-cream Hazelnut Chocolate

The Alpro Ice Cream range is firstly and most importantly a Dairy Free Vegan Ice Cream. It is also soya free which for me is a positive thing as I really don’t like the taste of soya. It is also gluten and preservative free. Alpro has released three flavors, Hazelnut, Coconut and Vanilla. I loved the Hazelnut but the Vanilla was Jonny’s favourite so it’s really personal preference.
The big pull for me was the fact that they contain 30% less sugar and saturated fats. It contains 177 calories per 100g. 100g would be around a small scoop! To put that into context, Haagan Daz Chocolate Chip is 300 calories per 100g. 


Now to talk about the important stuff: Taste! The ice cream is pretty difficult to distinguish from that of the more traditional dairy version in both taste and texture. It is creamy with a lovely smooth consistency which  would give brands like Haagan Dazs a run for their money! The flavour certainly didn’t disappoint either, it was rich but not sickly with enough sweetness to work well against the nutty hazelnut. I found myself thoroughly enjoying this tub of ice cream and was quite sad when I finished, albeit extremely satisfied. They currently stock it in Dunnes Stores and in some Super Value Stores. I know it’s not in all of them because I tried two stores last weekend before I finally found it! I would definitely recommend it as a treat for those nights when you simply cannot resist!


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